ReeFlo Snapper Dart Pump

ReeFlo Snapper Dart PumpThis is the perfect pump for systems from 400 to 2000 gallons for use in the Alternating Flood and Drain (AFD) systems that I recommend.

Having tried everything I can imagine to destroy these pumps (starting/stopping constantly; filling them with water, dirt, and sticks; shorting out the motor, etc…), they keep on working just like new.  They also have sufficient power to reliably operate an aquapoincs indexing valve* even with the valve and grow beds several feet above the pump.

ReeFlo Snapper Dart 4300 / 2600 GPH Pump – $300

Add to CartKit includes pump and two impellers.  Changing the impeller changes the pump from a Snapper (4300 GPH) to a Dart (2600 GPH) and reduces the power draw.  Includes our guarantee, as well as a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

Additional Warranty – $30

Add to CartTo upgrade the 3-year warranty to 5-years.

One-year 110% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  Reputation is everything for small business.  We’ll do right by you.


* Note: These are not the valves sold at Home Depot.  Don’t buy those.  FIMCO is getting really tired of people returning them because they don’t work in aquaponics.


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