Potable Water-Safe Paint

Amercoat 240The DIY crowd has spoken and you’ve been heard. By popular demand, I’ve decided to offer the submersible potable water-safe paint from our Fish-in-a-Freezer kit for sale separately. The paint itself is an industrial 2-component epoxy designed for use with large water storage vessels. The stuff is amazing. It’s indestructible and extremely hard.  It’ll last forever, even if you stock your tanks with rabid narwhals. After pursuing approval from the FDA Seafoods division, I offer it to you for use with your aquaponics systems.  Use it to coat the inside of freezers (or other vessels) for use as fish tanks, or paint the tops of your grow beds for your FDA-approved food-safe fish and veggies. Heck, use it for whatever you want.  You won’t find better prices anywhere than here.  If you do, let me know and I’ll beat it.

Add to Cart1/2 Gallon – (good for two large freezers) – $90 *

Add to Cart1 Gallon – (good for five large freezers) – $160 *

Add to Cart2 Gallon – (good for ten large freezers) – $250 *

Here’s the MSDS Sheet Here’s why you should use a freezer as a fish tank. Here’s how you’ll find an old freezer for $20. If you want to see how much you’ll pay for other popular (without insulation or air-sealing) tanks, check herehere, and here.

One-year 110% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  Reputation is everything for small business.  We’ll do right by you. * The kit materials are highly specialized and chosen based on many months of research and experimentation.  Don’t try painting freezers with pool or boat paint.  It won’t be safe to eat your fish and it’s unlikely to stick long-term to the non-stick freezer surface.


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