Indexing Valves

Aquaponics Indexing Valves*

Aquaponic Freezer Fish TankThese valves allow you forego a sump tank and bell siphons in your flood-and-drain media beds by alternating the flooding of your beds.  You set your timer for how long it takes to flood a bed.  The timer starts the pump and floods one bed, then stops. It starts the pump again and floods the next bed.  And so on.  Each bed is a zone.

They’re magic!  No sump tank means much dollar savings upfront, and a significant reduction in the surface area of water exposed to the air, which as we know from Fundamentals #2 will save you energy.  The only downside is that you need a reliable pump since you’ll be stopping and starting it so often.  Our pumps (stay tuned) will work fine with these for many years.

Indicate # of Zones with Order.

1 Inch Valves

2-4 Zone  – $60 AddToCart2
5-6 Zone  – $65 Add to Cart
7-8 Zone  – $72  Add to Cart

1-1/4 Inch Valves

2-4 Zone  – $60 Add to Cart
5-6 Zone  – $65 Add to Cart

1-1/2 Inch Valves

2-4 Zone  – $75 Add to Cart
5-6 Zone  – $78 Add to Cart

One-year 110% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  Reputation is everything for small business.  We’ll do right by you.

* Note: These are not the valves sold at Home Depot.  Don’t buy those.  FIMCO is getting really tired of people returning them because they don’t work in aquaponics.


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