240 Gallon Kit – 2 freezers – $300 / kit*

Add to CartKit includes Food Safe Submersible Membrane coating, acrylic windows, adhesive, sealant, and detailed instructions.
Converts two large used chest freezers into two 120 gallon fish tanks.*

600 Gallon Kit – 5 freezers – $700 / kit* 

Add to CartKit includes Food Safe Submersible Membrane coating, acrylic windows, adhesive, sealant and detailed instructions.
Converts five large used chest freezers into five 120 gallon fish tanks.


Here’s why you should use a freezer as a fish tank.

Here’s how you’ll find an old freezer for $20.

If you want to see how much you’ll pay for other popular (without insulation or air-sealing) tanks, check herehere, and here.

One-year 110% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  Reputation is everything for small business.  We’ll do right by you.

* The kit materials are highly specialized and chosen based on many months of research and experimentation.  Don’t try painting freezers with pool or boat paint.  It won’t be safe to eat your fish and it’s unlikely to stick long-term to the non-stick freezer surface.


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