The Future of the CWA Blog

Jeremiah next to waterfallWanted to let you know what’s coming for this blog.  Starting this week I’m going to alternate weeks between topics with technical depth (such as we’ve focused on to this point) and topics meant for beginners such as “why should we do aquaponics,” “how to get started,” and occasionally some with a more philosophical bent.

If you’d like to see me discuss something in particular, mention it below in comments.


– Jeremiah


2 responses to “The Future of the CWA Blog

  1. Hey Jeremiah- I would like to hear about the process of converting a chest freezer into a cold water fish tank, including sealing and plumbing into the system, and how aeration is maintained in a closed tank.



    • Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the feedback. Will do 🙂

      The short answer on aeration is using an aerator with multiple output ports. I use a 1 CFM Aerator with six outlet ports. Each tank has at least one in it.


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