Fish Growth Rates (Looking for Feedback)

Aquaponic_Fish_TypesI’m writing an article for Aquaponics Survival Communities this month about the choice between growing the same fish year-round and rotating your fish seasonally, and I need your help!

As an anal engineer, I hate making assumptions without solid data, but I have to make a slew of them for this piece since I haven’t raised all the fish types through their entire life cycles.

The following table illustrates the most common options for growing fish in this area.  A “season” describes the warm season or the cool season, each six months of the year.

Can anyone offer me any feedback in the comments or contact page on whether the numbers I show below jive with your experience?

By way of explanation, I count a “grow-out season” as one in which the water temperature stays warm or cold enough for the fish to grow.  If the water temperature drops below 60, for example, perch, catfish, and bass won’t grow but will survive.  So that doesn’t count as a season for them, unless you heat your water much warmer. Make sense? Most fish get groovy in the warm season and comatose in the cold, while trout (and Norwegians) do the opposite. Aquaponic Fish Growth Rates




What do you think? Add a comment.

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