August 10 with Cold Weather Aquaponics

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Do you wish…

  • You could grow more food in your small space?
  • You didn’t have to weed?
  • You could raise veggies in winter?
  • You could find inexpensive, healthy, locally-raised fish?

Aquaponics Alternating Flood Drain MechanicalsCome joins us for our half-day Aquaponics Basics class, hosted by First Step Renew and in partnership with Paradigm Gardens. Learn to build a cold-climate aquaponics greenhouse using recycled materials that produces $4000 of fish and greens per year using only $200 of electricity, in a space smaller than your bedroom.

Ian connecting the plumbing

Walk through the basics of aquaponics design, greenhouse design, fish care and selection, water quality, heating, and where to find materials on the cheap.

Learn hands-on with our portable aquaponics trailer.


  • August 10, 9am-1pm ~ 412 S. Baldwin Street
  • Registration: $50  (or $40 by July 1st)
  • Call with questions: 608-338-9011

Registration – $50

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Jeremiah Robinson (the instructor) is an professional energy engineer and designer of cold-climate backyard aquaponics systems.  He writes a column for Aquaponics Survival Communities, gives talks around Wisconsin, and publishes this blog.


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